The Balanced Approach

Political Pollution = Politution

Welcome to the "Politution" where "The Balanced Approach" is the only approach to Solutions and returning America to Americans. It is for the  Non-Partisan, Independent,Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, Reformists, Whig, Green, and all others seeking a Balanced approach to solutions in Government, Politics, Economy, and More.  

We are witnessing a new and destructive disease in America. Its a division greater than the Grand Canyon and wider than the span of the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans. It's a Pollution that our Founding Fathers and Mothers didn't anticipate. It's the Political Pollution of our Home Land and the American Dream. "Politution"  Kills, Destroys, Burns, Takes and Tears at the fabric of all this Country Stands for and the Dreams of Every American. It fails to bring people to together only to drive them further apart. 

We are here to bring ALL parties and Individuals together, calling an end to divide. We are fighting for every American who is tired of the Extremists Politics and the Party Line Policies that influence or otherwise mislead the people. As a Non-Partisan and Non-Biased platform, we will not choose a party line. We will however, work to find common ground between all parties and individuals. We will support those who have chosen to work for the people rather than a party.

We are fighting for Every American to have a Job, a Home, and a peace of mind. We believe there are solutions that can work for everyone. We believe that coming to the middle can only improve lives and heal our Country.

Division has only proven to slow the recovery, harm more Americans, slow job growth and reduce campaigns to an overly funded Cat Fight between Parties. Mudslinging and attacks are attacks on the fabric of this Nation and on the American people who demand the truth struggle for solutions that Parties and their Extremists are afraid of.

It's time that we move into the Modern World. 
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